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SportPark building

Designed by David Morley Architects and built by Baggaley Construction, SportPark was completed in December 2009 and the first occupants took up residency in January 2010.

With sustainability and sport at its core, SportPark has already achieved a 'very good' rating from BREEAM, the global environmental assessment mark, and is confident it can achieve excellent.

Unique green elements in its design include ground source heat pumps, window controls maximising natural daylight and ventilation, screens and doors to minimise noise levels, a small stream integrated into the landscaping to provide an ecologically valuable habitat and dedicated parking spots for employees joining the car share scheme.

Binding residents together is their passion for sport, and SportPark provides a wide range of opportunities including a perimeter running track with exercise stations, an all weather pitch, cycling loan scheme, indoor exercise classes and showers, changing and lockers throughout the building. Even the car park is used for five-a-side and netball.

SportPark boasts more than 4,000m2 of office space spread across its three graduated columns, and a commitment to the incorporation of communal areas means the project’s vision of inter-sport collaboration can be realised.

There are five communal meeting rooms of varying sizes; the largest, called Playground can cater for up to 100 people theatre style, Pitch and Pool are both able to accommodate 24 people board room style but can be combined to create a larger seminar room, Court and Warm up cater for smaller meetings. These rooms and the flexibility of communal areas enable SportPark to be used for a variety of purposes from small group meetings to an AGM or larger training event, with the building available to occupants seven days a week.

energy café provides a convivial environment for semi formal, informal and impromptu meetings. Sport workers don’t need to be tenants to use the café and the flexible meeting space it provides.

energy café is already becoming an exciting hub for those working in sport. This flexible space will allow SportPark to host guest speakers and presenters and stage social events for all the tenants. In the summer the outdoor café, terrace and surrounding gardens will bring the grounds to life with barbecues, activities on the sports lawn, and pleasant walks around the grounds and surrounding countryside.

With Wi-Fi throughout the building and in the grounds SportPark provides extensive opportunities for informal meetings, hot-desking and remote working.

Staff have access to five kitchenettes as well as the large café area on the ground floor, giving them flexible refreshment options.